Diversity Awareness – a new course from MyCourseRoom


“Some people believe that seeking diversity automatically leads to excellence, but I think that focusing on excellence inevitably leads to diversity.” – William C. Steere, CEO of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


Are you a part of an organization that values and promotes diversity in its workforce? If so, you understand the benefits of diversity in bringing about creativity and innovation. We aren’t just talking just about diversity in terms of cultural heritage but also age and gender.

Some organizations are further along than others in their diversity hiring initiatives. For those just beginning the process, the tasks may seem overwhelming. How do you find the right people? How do you get your current employees to buy-in? How can you help ensure that your new hires feel welcome and valued from the very beginning?

The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in MyCourseRoom’s excellent course on Diversity Awareness. If you are already a MyCourseRoom learner, log into your account, select Diversity Awareness from the Course Catalog and start it immediately or add it to your queue to begin at your convenience.

If you are not a MyCourseRoom learner, go to www.mycourseroom.com and click on Sign Up at the top right of the home page. Complete your registration and join our community of more than 8000 learners who are currently taking courses.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@mycourseroom.com


Enhance recruitment skills through MyCourseRoom

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

Effective recruitment is a crucial component of an organization’s competitive strategy.  Recruitment involves targeting, attracting, and securing commitments from the most talented people possible, and the key to success is being prepared.

Recruitment, an excellent course offered from MyCourseRoom, helps develop the following skills to prepare the foundation and eventually attract and hire the best candidate for each position in your organization.  You will learn how to:

1. Identify your organization’s specific needs and the required skill-set for each position.
2. Develop and implement a recruitment strategy.
3. Attract the best talent for each position.
4. Use various screening and interviewing techniques including specific questions to ask.
5. Evaluate and select the best candidate.

Recruitment is a free 5-clock-hour course from MyCourseRoom.  Come join our community of learners at http://www.mycourseroom.com and share your experiences and ideas for hiring the best talent for your organization.

MyCourseRoom introduces Managing Change



“Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our full potential.” - Sir Winston Churchill

How accepting are you of change, especially in the work place?  When management decides to make changes in the organization, most of us want to know “how is this going to affect me.”

Now imagine that you are part of the management team in charge of implementing the changes.  What aspects of the organization need to be considered to foster employee acceptance?

The most important thing to remember is that change is almost always good.  In both our professional and personal lives, change usually means moving forward.  We do not live or work in a vacuum; the environment around us is constantly changing, and we must change too.

Managing Change, a new course in the MyCourseRoom catalog, is a 5 clock-hour course covering change management and organizational development strategies.  Sign up today at www.mycourseroom.com.

Webinar Follow-up


Webinar Q&A: “Reduce Your Training Overhead”

To the almost 200 of you who registered for our webinar, we want to say thank you.  The response has been very positive.  As promised, we are including in this email the answers to questions from the webinar and from those who emailed us after the webinar ended.

If you would like to view the presentation first, please click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser.  You can view this even if you weren’t registered.  Be sure to turn up the volume.


Questions and Answers

Q: Does MyCourseRoom only offer child care courses?
A: If you go to mycourseroom.com and click on the Catalog tab, you will see the types of courses we carry.  We are also credentialed providers of training for project managers and for healthcare professionals.

Q. What is your background?  Do you have experience in the child care industry?
A. I have a very diverse background in several industries including owning and directing a childcare center for over 13 years.  I am also the founder of MyCourseRoom.

Q. When you say ‘pay for credentials’ what do you mean?
A. Although our courses are free for individual learners (not part of our Premium Business plan), we charge a small annual subscription fee for certificates that carry CEU, CPE, PDU, CPHQ type of credentials because we also have a cost to qualify as approved providers.

Q. So if I become a premium member, my staff doesn’t have to pay the subscription fee for the certificates?
A. That is correct.  Certificates for courses that you have selected to be available through your private catalog will be free for the learners enrolled for your program.  You have to register your staff as ‘premium learners’ for your plan before they can access your private course catalog.  Besides the free certificates, transcripts and competency assessments are also free.

Q. How many teachers can I train for your Premium Business basic plan?  What if I need to add more teachers over the year?
A.  In our Basic Plan, you can have 10 named learners and 25 course hours.  You can add more teachers to your account as and when you need.  You will only be charged for the additional number of teachers you add – it averages to about $15 per annum for all the courses that you have in your catalog.

Q. If a teacher leaves and I hire a new teacher, can the new teacher take the place of the one that left or are they considered a new learner?
A. They are considered a new learner. We have to retain each individual’s progress in our system and so a place is taken by each unique learner.  Our price is for a ‘named’ learner.

Q. When you say ‘rotation of courses’ what do you mean?  Can you give me an example if I have the basic plan with 25 hours.
A. Let’s assume your catalog has courses that add up to 25 hours.  You cannot add any more courses as the system knows you have 25 hours already active. However, you can deactivate some courses to free up hours by unchecking the box next the the course/s on your Manage Catalog page. These courses will no longer be in your catalog.  Now you can add additional courses from our inventory for your staff to take or you can load your own courses by using our course editor.  Therefore, your catalog can be refreshed with new courses while you keep your costs stable.

Q. In my state I can only use courses that have been approved by our state licensing agency.  Are you approved providers in all states?  How do we know if courses meet our core competency requirements?
A. Although most state child care licensing agencies now have registries of approved training providers, some do not.  We have a dedicated resource who is in the process of contacting each state and submitting the required forms to become credentialed providers.  Currently, we are credentialed in Texas and Wisconsin.  We have submitted the applications for Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nevada.  Every state has told us that the approval process takes several weeks.

As of July, 2013, the Senior Management Analyst Supervisor for the Florida Child Care Program Office said that Florida does not have a state-wide registry for approved providers and that our courses are accepted if the topics are included in the Florida Administrative Code.

Our Premium Business plan provides the opportunity to add your own center-specific onboarding and other internal courses as well as our child care competency assessment which will provide you with tremendous value by providing consistent, on-demand training especially for new hires.  You can also add short center-specific courses for parents.

Q. Can you explain in more detail how I can add my own course?  If I add courses, are they also added to your public catalog for anyone to take?
A. MyCourseRoom has developed our own course editor for deploying online courses.  There is no need for downloading additional software or knowing HTML, etc.  It is a simple process of ‘copy and paste’ from your Word documents.  We provide video and PDF tutorials.  For Premium Business members, your proprietary courses only appear in your private catalog.  You also have the option of adding them to the MyCourseRoom free public catalog.

Q. If my teachers have a problem with the website or taking a course, how do they get help?
A. There is a Contact Us link at the bottom of every web page.  You can provide the information on the issue you are having and submit it.  It will be answered within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends.

Q. If I have a problem setting up my premium account, is there help available?
A. There is a Contact Us link at the bottom of every web page.  You can provide the information on the issue you are having and submit it.  It will be answered within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends.

Q. If I am the administrator of our premium account, can I also take classes and get credit?
A. Yes, you can be one of the named learners under your account. So, for example, if you have subscribed to the Basic Plan with 10 named learners and 25 hours in the catalog, you will be one of the 10 named learners.

Q. Did you say we can track employee participation?
A. Yes, the plan/location administrator can select from several reports by location (if more than one), specific month and year, or by custom dates. These reports include the learner, course, status (active, completed, expired), the start date, assessment score, interactivity level, completion date, and certificate number.

Q. Do you have any classes specific to Montessori schools?
A. At this time we do not have courses specific to Montessori schools.  However, we are always looking for content providers who have expert knowledge in specific areas.

Please submit additional questions to:  support@mycourseroom.com

Learn successful succession planning from MyCourseRoom


“Succession planning processes are challenging to implement yet they are essential to achieving and sustaining excellent human capital and therefore crucial to an organization’s competitiveness.” 

Succession Planning – MyCourseRoom.com

Imagine being asked, “Who do you think would be the best person to step in and do your job?”  How would this make you feel?  Would you feel threatened or empowered?

Who is the most knowledgeable about the skills and personal characteristics needed to do your job?  YOU ARE!

When considering how you want to advance within your organization, do you know what skills you will need to get the next promotion?

These are all processes that are part of succession planning.  More and more organizations are putting in place comprehensive, organization-wide succession planning processes to help ensure smooth transitions from the bottom to top-level management. 

MyCourseRoom.com’s free, Succession Planning course is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to advance in their profession.  It is also essential for those in Human Resource Management who are responsible for implementing the succession planning processes.

Succession Planning is a 5 clock-hour, online, Human Resource Management course offered free at www.MyCourseRoom.com.  In addition, it offers the following credentials: CEU, CPE (Provider #501007), PDU (R.E.P. #3669).

Come join our community of learners at http://www.MyCourseRoom.com and experience free, high-quality, continuing education.  Share your experiences and develop the skills necessary to participate in successful succession planning. 


Experience the benefits of elearning from MyCourseRoom



At times many of us feel overwhelmed with work and personal responsibilities. We often wonder how we can fit one more thing into our very busy lives. However, jobs often have annual training requirements, or managers recommend additional training for promotion opportunities, or we want to improve ourselves through learning new skills.

ELearning offers us a great solution to gain knowledge at our own pace. ELearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere.  ELearning helps overcome the limitations of time, distance, and resources that the traditional classroom training requires.

Whether you are required to complete annual professional development hours for your job or you want to takes courses for self-improvement, www.MyCourseRoom.com provides the opportunity. Take our online courses at your convenience,  24/7, from any computer with Internet access.

It is easy, and most importantly it is free.

  • Register at www.mycourseroom.com.
  • Select your courses from our extensive course catalog.
  • Begin learning at your convenience.

We look forward to your visit.

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“Sharing is about helping each other.  Every time we share our knowledge by any means, it is like extending our hands to help. Share with others the professional and personal benefits you have gained from taking the free courses at www.MyCourseRoom.com.”  http://www.facebook.com/mycourseroom

As we begin another successful year, the MyCourseRoom team wants to thank the thousands of learners who are taking our courses and sharing this opportunity with colleagues and friends.  Please continue to be our ambassadors of knowledge by spreading the word.

We are having a global impact.  We have shared with you the stories of MyCourseRoom learners in war-torn countries, the challenges they face, and the gratitude they express for the opportunity to participate in our free courses.  We also have learners tell us how helpful it is for them to be able to take courses at their own pace and schedule that help them develop marketable skills that will increase their chances for promotion or help them find jobs as they join the workforce. This is our mission…to try to level the playing field for learners from every economic and political background through free education.

Share your knowledge today by signing up at www.MyCourseRoom.com and accessing your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts directly from the home page.  Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and increase your professional network through LinkedIn.  Extend your helping hand and share the benefits you have gained from taking courses from MyCourseRoom.

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